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Who Are Your Lawn Doctor Customers?

Who Are Your Lawn Doctor Franchise Customers and How Can You Help Them?

One of the hallmarks of the Lawn Doctor franchise brand is our attention to customer service. It’s an important distinction that helps to separate us from the competition, and our customer retention rate of 80% is the industry’s highest. Our focus on customer satisfaction means our franchisees don’t have to work as hard to replace clients; instead, they can focus on growing their businesses. But who are your Lawn Doctor customers, and what can they expect when they partner with you to keep their lawns and properties looking their best? Let’s find out!

Beautiful and Healthy Lawns — Year-Round!

Above and beyond anything else, Lawn Doctor franchise customers will be counting on you to deliver and maintain a great-looking lawn for them. Whether it be for home or business, these property owners will rely on you to help them keep their properties looking sharp year-round. You’ll be achieving this through our two-pronged lawn service franchise approach:

  • Transparency: We’re straightforward with customers about the time and treatments necessary to get a lawn looking healthy and green. We don’t overpromise or sugar-coat. Starting any relationship on honest footing is the only way we know how, and our customers appreciate that!
  • Proprietary products and equipment: Lawn Doctor is one of the most science- and technology-savvy companies in the lawn care industry. We’re always conducting best practices research, making sure to pass on our findings immediately to our franchisees, who use them to refine their services to meet their customers’ needs.

Our amazing lawns act as our calling cards; they get noticed, and they’ll help you find and keep your customers, year after year.

Excellence in Service and Attention

Our customers come back to us year after year because they know we make their satisfaction our number one priority. If there’s ever a problem or an issue that needs addressing, we’re right there to take care of it, from the first call to the follow-up. We never take our relationships with our clients for granted and work hard every day to bring our knowledge and expertise to their lawns and properties in ways the competition can’t match. From lawn services to pest control to tree- and shrub care, investing in a Lawn Doctor franchise means you’ll be able to offer your customers a suite of services to meet their every lawn care need.

The Value is There

Ours is a $78 billion a year industry, and for 50 years, Lawn Doctor has leveraged it in ways that have made us a leader in it. When customers decide on us to take care of their lawns, they’ve done so knowing there’s real value in choosing to partner with us. Our reasonable prices, combined with state-of-the-art results, means your customers will know they’re getting the absolute most for their money.

Ready to find out more about a lawn service franchise with Lawn Doctor? We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch today!