Lawn Doctor offers custom lawn care solutions to residential and business consumers. Our lawn service business provides franchise owners an opportunity to build a meaningful operation with both recurring and multiple revenue streams.

  • Lawn Care – covers everything in the turf and on the ground, improving clients’ lawns and keeping the yard weed-free, disease-free and pest-free
  • Tree and Shrub Care – encouraging healthy growth through micronutrients and helping to protect and treat for disease and pests
  • Mosquito Control – offers homeowners the services needed to keep this serious, disease-carrying threat at bay, enabling you to reclaim your yard
  • Lawn and Perimeter Pest Control – helps clients keep their homes and other structures pest-free
  • Power Seeding – combines new seed with your lawn’s soil for the best possible results
  • Core Aeration – the most effective and long-lasting method of lawn aeration available

Depending on location, the lawn care business season can be year-round, or may be confined  to part of the year.  In both cases, Lawn Doctor offers clients a monthly payment model, which eases payment for them, and helps ensure that franchisees have recurring revenue coming in year-round.

Because of our streamlined operating system and excellent brand recognition, Lawn Doctor franchisees average a profit margin of 84%.


Many Lawn Doctor franchisees choose Lawn Doctor because they are seeking a simpler way to generate revenue while increasing flexibility in their lifestyle.

The hallmarks of our lawn maintenance business system support those goals:

  • Lawn Doctor’s operational model does not require a storefront, making it easier to get up and running and decreasing the time to break-even.
  • Lawn Doctor services can be performed by technicians, leaving our franchisees the time and focus to manage, grow and enjoy their business.
  • Lawn Doctor’s franchise management team focuses on continuously improving the business system, to increase operational efficiency and raise our franchisee profit margins.