The following information is designed to give you a general picture of Lawn Doctor franchisees. But don’t interpret this too narrowly! Many Lawn Doctor franchisees have unique business and personal backgrounds that have helped them find success with Lawn Doctor.

The Lawn Doctor start up process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The pace depends primarily on your goals. Read more about the lawn service startup process here.


Lawn Doctor requires applicants to demonstrate a minimum liquidity of $60,000 in order to move forward in the lawn service startup process.


Typically, Lawn Doctor franchisees possess many of the following attributes, making the Lawn Doctor system a good fit for their business approach:

  • Has business ownership, management, or operations experience
  • Seeks flexibility to facilitate increased time or for other businesses
  • Enjoys setting benchmarks and achieving goals
  • Values building a business by delivering “wow” service to customers
  • Understands the basics of sales and marketing (Lawn Doctor does provide franchise training in these and other aspects of the business.)

In addition, many Lawn Doctor franchisees seek a business in which they can work with a spouse or adult children, and potentially pass the business on to family members when they retire.


Lawn Doctor franchisees come from various backgrounds. Many of them never thought they’d own a lawn care franchise one day!

  • Major multi-unit franchisee with other service franchises
  • Corporate Marketing Executive
  • Advanced IT Professional
  • High School Biology Teacher
  • TV Executive
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Small Business Owner

As part of the Lawn Doctor process of starting up a lawn care business, you’ll have a chance to speak with many of our franchisees and ask them about their growth with Lawn Doctor. Lawn Doctor franchisees tend to be a well-connected group, sharing ideas and support for your lawn service startup.