Filling out this form with some basic information is quick and easy. When you submit this form our development department will receive it and get in touch with you within twenty-four hours. You can call always call (800) 989-1903.

On this initial call, they will discuss:
• What business you’re currently in
• How you became interested in opening a franchise business
• How you found out about Lawn Doctor
• Available Lawn Doctor territories in your area
• Minimum financial requirements

If, after this call, you’re still interested in pursuing the Lawn Doctor business opportunity, we will move forward with you to the next step.

Franchise Investment

“We went to discovery days for a number of different franchises, Lawn Doctor’s was the only one that really felt like a community. It was like a tight-knit family, and it seemed like working with them would make us part of their family. A lot of franchises make their branding about community, but with Lawn Doctor you can really see that in every aspect of the business. It’s not just marketing, it’s real.”

Terri & Curtis Krupp


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