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Want A Proven Operations System? Lawn Doctor Has It

Everyone has personal goals. From financial security to schedule flexibility, most people discover that franchising is a great way to turn those dreams into a reality. When it comes to franchising, there are many benefits. One of the greater ones is having a proven operations system already in place. A lot of the risk that’s involved with starting your own business from the ground up is alleviated when you become a part of an established company.

Lawn Doctor was founded in 1967 and over the years, has been gaining people’s business and, just as important, their trust. In terms of running a business in the most effective and efficient way, we’ve invested a lot of time and money to determine what works best.

Here are three components that make Lawn Doctor’s operations system stand out in the lawn care franchise industry:

  1. Implementation and Monitoring

Our regional business consultants work with our Strategic Partners to help them develop an operating plan prior to opening. The consultant will be knowledgeable about your specific local area so they can give advice regarding the best practices for increasing market growth potential. With the assistance we offer, Lawn Doctor Strategic Partners ultimately end up with an operating plan that covers the key areas of sales, marketing, personnel, equipment and financial management.

After the plan is implemented, we teach you how to use our software and technology to monitor the results of your plan, track variances and make adjustments as needed. This is just part of the comprehensive support and training we provide to our Strategic Partners.

  1. Software Tools

Our job is to make your job as a Lawn Doctor Strategic Partner, easier. Lawn Doctor utilizes a Service Assistant suite of software tools to help our Strategic Partners manage their business. It is an industry-leading software package that keeps track of all data, serves a powerful marketing tool, schedules and routes daily production, and more.

Service Assistant also links with Lawn Doctor’s Customer Assistant Website. This means customers can access their account online 24/7 to pay for services, add additional services, get answers to questions and communicate with their local franchise.

  1. Vehicles and Equipment

Lawn Doctor’s service vehicles are outfitted specifically for our proprietary equipment, resulting in maximum productivity and revenue potential. Our Turf Tamer® line of application equipment helps to keep us ahead of the competition. It ensures the right product is delivered in the right proportion, every time. Which means customers get great results and our Strategic Partners enjoy increased profitability and decreased labor expenses. It’s a win-win.

Discover how becoming a Lawn Doctor Strategic Partner can provide a greater opportunity for achieving your personal ambitions than your current job. Call 1.800.989.1903 today.