Image of The Organic Movement and Your Lawn Care Franchise

The Organic Movement and Your Lawn Care Franchise

Naturally treated lawn products that are offered through Lawn Doctor have been proven effective in taking care of pest and weed problems. For instance, our pre treated sod is an effective tool for quelling the pre-emergent activities of pests that can ruin a lawn.

In the last few decades, the environmental movement has picked up speed and has gotten global attention. One of the buzz words that has gotten a lot of play, especially in the last few years is “organic.” More and more people want to go organic for a number of reasons ranging from personal health, to environmental impact, to proven effectiveness of organic products over synthetic.

If you want to jump on board the organic train and are thinking about investing in a lawn care franchise, then Lawn Doctor is the right choice for you.

Working in organics also means that instead of synthetically created fertilizers, you will be providing your customers with excellent organic fertilizers. A major environmental concern is that the run-off from synthetic fertilizers causes algae build up in the water cycle. Natural fertilizers reduce this problem.

What do you have to gain from working in organics? One of the major benefits is that it gives the work back to the earth to do the maintenance and upkeep. While chemically treated lawns require a certain amount of monitoring to keep them green and healthy, the fact is that they are not truly healthy, which is why they take so much time and effort.

With an organically treated lawn, the turf is designed to work naturally to provide pest control. It stays greener and healthier for longer because it is not constantly bombarded with unnatural chemicals. An all natural lawn will always be healthier and happier in the long run. With Lawn Doctor’s organic products, your customers’ lawns will also be weed and pest free for longer.

When unnatural lawn care practices are used, the grass and chemicals deplete the soils of their natural richness. Over time the soil is stripped of vital minerals and nutrients that it needs to nourish the plants that grow in it. Lawn Doctor offers treatments of these minerals to replenish soils so that when you finish treating a customer’s lawn, it will be healthy for years to come.

For example, at Lawn Doctor, we offer mosquito control in the form of Yard Armour, which is a natural treatment to take care of those pesky mosquitoes. It protects the entire lawn from mosquitoes in an eco-friendly way. The best part about Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour is that if you are not satisfied with your mosquito treatment, we will reapply it for free.

We all have much to gain from the organic movement. Our environment deserves the best that we can give it. The more businesses that engage in corporate social responsibility that takes the environment into account, the better off we will all be. Moreover, because more and more people are interested in upholding a standard of environmental stewardship, the greater the profits that you organic lawn care franchise stands to gain.

To continue to build a strong culture of environmental stewardship, everyone – from private citizens to businesses – needs to do their part. Environmental stewardship is the idea that everyone needs to take responsibility for the environment, to ensure that our grandchildren get to sit under the trees that we planted, and enjoy the natural environment just as we have. It is vital, as we embark on the next century together that we all take part in stewardship.

Working in organic lawn care means that you can do good for the world while also doing good business.

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