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Strike a Better Work/Life Balance

Strike a Better Work/Life Balance with Our Seasonal Lawn Care Business Opportunity!

If you’re one of the millions of people who go to work every day wishing you could just turn right back around and go home, it might be time to think about a career change. Most of us would like a better work/life balance, and when you take advantage of a lawn care business opportunity with Lawn Doctor, you can have it! Ours is a seasonal industry that leaves room for planning and enjoying more time with your family and friends, for yourself, and for other obligations outside of your career. Here, we’ll look at how partnering with Lawn Doctor can help you add quality time to your life.

Planning Ahead

Proper landscaping and lawn care takes skill and planning, and our Lawn Doctor franchisees are experts at that. We’ve been in business for decades and know how to keep lawns looking their best, year-round. When you partner with us to take advantage of a lawn care business opportunity, you’ll use the spring, summer, and fall months to stay on top of your residential and business clients’ custom lawn care needs, offering them fertilization and weed control services, tree and shrub care, lawn and perimeter pest control, power seeding, core aeration and more. Then, depending on where you’re located, as the colder months approach, you’ll have valuable time to set goals for growth, network with your community and other business owners, and make time for yourself, your family, and your friends!

The seasonality of our industry means our franchisees know ahead of time when they’ll be busy, and when they’ll have time to take vacations or plan for important occasions. Our services are typically in demand right up to the beginning of winter — and longer in areas with year-round temperate climates — which means Lawn Doctor franchisees enjoy the security of regular income and the luxury of a flexible schedule that leaves plenty of room for life outside of work. Furthermore, because clients typically schedule their lawn care months in advance, you can count on recurring revenue, allowing you to better plan for your financial future.

Our Software Makes Life Easier

It’s not just the seasonality of running a Lawn Doctor franchise that makes it easier for our franchisees but the better/work/life balance they have been able to strike by taking advantage of our lawn care business opportunity. Our cloud based software makes it easier to do business, saving you valuable time and energy, and opening up more possibilities to enjoy life outside of work. Our software package doesn’t just manage all the data associated with your franchise, it also acts as a powerful marketing tool, schedules and routes daily production, invoices customers, and much more. Additionally, it also links to Lawn Doctor’s Customer Assistant website, allowing clients to manage their accounts online. Here, they can pay invoices, add services, and ask questions, 24/7, allowing you to save time while staying on top of customer service.

If you’re one of the millions of people who wish they could strike a better work/life balance, a lawn care business opportunity with Lawn Doctor could be the answer! Get in touch today to find out more.