Image of Starting a Lawn Care Business

Starting a Lawn Care Business

Are you considering starting a lawn care business?  If you are thinking of owning and operating your own lawn care business and interested in top lawn care business opportunities, join the Lawn Doctor Franchise lawn service business opportunity..

Lawn Doctor Franchise is a nationally branded lawn service business franchise that enables you to be an entrepreneur while being part of a larger organization. As an independent lawn care business franchisee, you can become part of the larger Lawn Doctor Franchise team, join an integrated proven business system while maintaining your independence.

The benefits of starting a lawn care business with Lawn Doctor Franchise include:

  • Receiving the necessary training and support to run a lawn care service business.
  • Training on turf management, business management, financing, sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Low overhead costs.
  • Training seminars on how to hire, train, compensate and retain employees.
  • Access to a large network of Lawn Doctors lawn care business franchisees.
  • The ability to build a solid customer base in the top lawn care business franchise to enable you to focus on growing your business.
  • Reach your own personal and business goals.
  • A proven business system that works.

By joining a top lawn care business franchise, your office can be based at home and you will reap the benefits of joining a recession-proof industry. The Global Industry Analysis Report states that landscaping services market is projected to reach $80.billion by 2015.  Based on the latest Landscaping Services Market Research Report, per capita, disposable income is projected to improve in the next five years.  This disposable income in-turn will encourage household consumers and businesses to further invest in lawn care treatments and lawn care services.

When investing in Lawn Doctor’s lawn maintenance business franchiseequipmentwill be included.  Lawn Doctor’s lawn care franchise opportunities also include low risk as opposed to starting a new business.  In most cases, Lawn Doctor’s lawn care franchise opportunities translate into instant revenue. Currently, the landscaping services industry in the United States alone, includes over 888,426employees with combined annual revenue of about $74 billion.

The Lawn Doctor lawn maintenance business franchise will ensure your business will have everything necessary to grow and assist you in securing a service area.  As part of a lawn care business franchise, you will gain access to a wide-network of Lawn Doctor lawn care business franchise owners and receive a strategy for establishing and growing a strong customer base.  You will receive key advantages on getting ahead in the lawn care service business franchise and benefit from being part of a larger organization, while still maintaining your independence.

Consumers often prefer using Lawn Doctor’s lawn care services business because they have the confidence in the Lawn Doctor brand name and the top quality products used.  Both household and business can expect the same level of quality and consistency of service from our top lawn care business franchise, regardless of location.

When starting a lawn care franchise, you will be introduced into the Lawn Doctor’s lawn care services franchise integrated system.  Topics and training modules will include Lawn Doctor’s proven system on marketing and sales, top management training, finance and accounting, recruiting, customer service and human resources. All of Lawn Doctor’s lawn care business franchise owners will receive support and access to a marketing, sales and operations team as well as the top Lawn Doctor professionals to aid in the process of establishing a top lawn care business franchise. These proven, Lawn Doctor integrated systems and our  initial and ongoing training will enable you, the business owner, to start working on your business and develop your very own lawn service business ideas.


If you are interested in top lawn care franchise opportunities, and are interested in top lawn care franchises, contact Lawn Doctor at 1.866.LAWN DOC (1.866.529.6362).