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Why Fall and Winter Are Great Months to Open a Home Service Franchise Looks at the Benefits of Lawn Doctor having a Season Franchise Model

It might seem counter-intuitive to want to open a Lawn Doctor home service franchise in the fall or winter, but in actuality, doing so is a great way to get a head start on your springtime workload and success. Our seasonal franchise opportunity was recently featured in, where the advantages of opening a Lawn Doctor franchise during these seasons were discussed, as well as all the great reasons why partnering with Lawn Doctor during any season makes a lot of sense.

Opening during the cooler months can be an especially smart move for new franchisees.

“The benefit of opening a Lawn Doctor franchise in the fall means you won’t have as many customers right out of the gate,” says Lawn Doctor franchisee Jim Coia, of Stow, Ohio. “Having that little bit of a slower start gives you the ability to learn the brand’s product offerings and equipment. You can ease into it and get comfortable and learn the system, which is good, because spring is all about focusing on customers.”

With nearly 600 franchise locations across 42 states, Lawn Doctor has over 50 years of experience as an outdoors business focused on exceptional customer service and unparalleled support of our franchisees. Our proprietary technology, dedicated call center, and ongoing educational opportunities mean Lawn Doctor franchisees are always prepared to do business, no matter what the season.

A Better Work/Life Balance

Because ours is a seasonal service, Lawn Doctor franchisees can often know ahead of time when they’ll be busier, and when they’ll have time to take vacations with family, meet other obligations outside of work, or to plan for the upcoming business year. Our services are typically in demand right up to the beginning of winter — and longer in areas with year-round temperate climates — which means Lawn Doctor franchisees enjoy the security of regular income and the luxury of a flexible schedule that leaves plenty of room for a more satisfying work/life balance.

The truth is, as any small business owner can tell you, achieving success takes dedication and hard work, and even during the quieter months, Lawn Doctor franchisees are busy preparing for the busy spring and summer months ahead. The colder months are also perfect times to network, build relationships with other members of the business community, and attend events that get your name out there. Every season finds most Lawn Doctor franchisees with plenty to do, whether it be working toward growing their businesses, or strengthening the relationships that mean the most to them.

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