Image of One Lawn Care Franchise, Multiple Revenue Streams

One Lawn Care Franchise, Multiple Revenue Streams

If you’re looking for a way to make a living that allows you to live, Lawn Doctor has proven to be a great choice. This lawn care franchise offers you the opportunity to be your own boss. By becoming a Strategic Partner you’ll be able to enjoy a more flexible schedule while utilizing the multiple revenue streams we’ve put into place.

Since the very beginning, Lawn Doctor’s has remained focused on the services that are practical and consistently in demand – including the options we’ve added as extra revenue generators. By utilizing high quality products in combination with our proprietary equipment, we are able to deliver more efficient and effective results. We make lawns look better, customers happier and provide a greater sense of freedom for our Strategic Partners.

Lawn care is what we do on a large scale – and we take pride in doing it right. However, within the bigger picture are the more specific services we provide. Here are three great Lawn Doctor services you can offer customers to increase revenue and repeat business:

  1. Maintainer Program

Customers like when their grass looks healthy and green right after the lawn has been treated, but they love having amazing curb appeal year-round. That’s where our Maintainer Program comes into play. It involves going to their place 5-8 times a year and providing services every 45-60 days in order to ensure their yards continue to look their best. As one of our most popular services, this program comes with one side effect – neighbors tend to get a case of lawn care envy.

  1. Custom Care

Lawn Doctor takes great pride in meeting the needs of our customers, whatever they may be. By offering Custom Care services, our Strategic Partners have plenty of opportunities to increase customer retention rates and revenue. We can handle everything from aeration and grub control to fire ant termination and more.

We also utilize our proprietary equipment for power seeding, providing results that are more efficient and effective than other lawn care companies. As new issues arise for homeowners, our Lawn Doctor Strategic Partners will be able to offer them an effective solution. Despite all the advanced technology and equipment we use, one of our most powerful tools is the fact that we are always looking for better ways to meet the needs of our customers.

  1. Yard Armour

In an effort to continuously improve the business system, Lawn Doctor and its team of professionals provide Yard Armour® to customers. An effective and efficient mosquito and tick control treatment, this is a service our Strategic Partners are happy to offer. For people looking to keep their homes and other structures free of insects and creepy crawlers, Yard Armour is the way to go. Unwanted critters are contained while the word spreads – this product is great!

What are you waiting for? Discover the possibilities and benefits of becoming a part of the Lawn Doctor team. Call 1.800.989.1903 today.