Image of Lawn Service Business Opportunities: When is a Franchise Right For You?

Lawn Service Business Opportunities: When is a Franchise Right For You?

The entrepreneurial spirit is as American as apple pie, and many people can’t wait for the day that they can own their own business. Working for yourself, in charge of your destiny: these things are attractive to entrepreneurs. Being a successful businessperson, however, means that you also need a successful idea. For some, the idea can be the problem. For others, the problem is the inability to deliver on the idea that they have. The franchise concept is a midpoint between owning your own business and working for someone else. You are in charge of your own operations, but you have the support and knowledge base of the corporate office, as well as other franchisees.

Today, franchises continue to grow; in fact the International Franchise Association expects franchise businesses to reach $889 billion in revenue for 2015 – a 5.4% increase in economic output. There are many reasons why this entrepreneurial trend continues to grow.

When starting your own business, the owner must be able to run every aspect of the business – from inventory, bookkeeping and customer service to marketing and advertising. In a franchise, there is an established franchisor behind you. Franchise concepts, like Lawn Doctor, provide training programs and ongoing support. With us, all franchisees attend a training program that includes a comprehensive business plan and marketing plan, sales training, equipment specific training, and accounting training. Onsite visits, agronomic and marketing support are also provided on an ongoing basis by experienced personnel to ensure long-term success.

In addition, there are many people have a wealth of experience, but are looking for an opportunity to improve their lifestyle. Franchise opportunities provide the ability to earn a living while enjoying everyday life. Lawn Doctor Franchisees, Dan and Kim Toth of Chicago, IL, were looking for just that opportunity. Dan spent years consulting in corporate America and Kim worked in the television industry and as a high school biology teacher. Both felt that a franchise was a smart investment. They looked into several franchise concepts but were drawn to Lawn Doctor because they were so dissatisfied with the lawn care service they received for their own home. They enjoy the ability to have a work/life balance. Being their own boss allows the flexibility to grow to four franchise locations while spending time with their three children.

Entrepreneurs don’t just start a business overnight – they need a business model. Formulating a workable business model is one of the areas that beginning entrepreneurs have difficulty with achieving. In the simplest terms, a “workable business model” is a detailed plan ensuring that you are able to actually make money from the work that you are doing. When you choose a franchise business, you know that the business model has already been tested and found to be successful by the company behind it.

The lawn care industry has been valued at over $75 billion and will continue to grow as disposable income is projected to rise. Within markets where construction activity is projected – lawn care demand is likely to follow suit.

With over 46 years of experience in the lawn care category Lawn Doctor has continued to expand and has over 500 locations across the country.

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