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Is a Lawn Care Franchise Right for You?

Experienced lawn care franchises provide professional services that make beautiful lawns.  As a prospective lawn care franchisee, how do you find your ideal lawn business opportunity and align yourself with a professional lawn care franchise that is right for you?

Lawn care franchise opportunities, and various business opportunities in landscape, lawn care and lawn pest control franchises continue to provide an expanding marketing. According to the Global Industry Analysis Report mentioned that the landscaping services market is projected to reach $80 billion.  Based on the latest Landscaping Services Market Research Report, per capita disposable income is projected to improve in the next five years, which will encourage residential and commercial consumers to invest in landscaping products and services.  The raise of economic development and commercial expansion, also continues to require grounds development and maintenance by landscaping companies. Currently, the US landscaping services and lawn care franchise industry includes over 888,426employees with combined annual revenue of about $74 billion.

With impressive numbers and revenue streams, as a prospective lawn care franchisee, you will need to determine if you are motivated to join the green industry.  By establishing key goals and first year targets with your Lawn Doctor franchise team, as with many Lawn Doctor franchisees, you may report profitability in the first 12 months.

Lawn care franchise opportunities are great for those who are looking for:

  • Investment in themselves and their family’s future
  • A fresh new start with their career or business opportunity
  • Benefits of being their own boss
  • Taking that next step by joining a tea of other franchise owners
  • Success in the green industry
  • A work-life balance

Creating a new business on your own can be a stressful, draining and risky. Many entrepreneurs struggle with making profits and expanding their business.  Many are affected by the financial strain or fall through because of their inability to create demand, market themselves successful, create a clear sales and operating model, and much more. Opting to start a business in the landscaping sector as part of the Lawn Doctor lawn care franchise, can help grant your business enterprise, provide you with autonomy of running your own business, while establishing you for great success.

Investing in Lawn Doctor’s lawn care franchise opportunities are great for individuals who are planning to start and expand a business within a recession-proof and prosperous field. As the landscaping sector continues to develop, investing in an enterprise as part of a franchise will help ensure your business’ prosperity and success in the green industry space, well into the future.


Once joining Lawn Doctor’s lawn care franchise, you will receive:

  • Access to a protected territory or service which will include both residential and commercial customers
  • Ongoing Lawn Doctor lawn care maintenance and lawn care treatment training and support
  • Lawn Doctor’s proves business model and strategies for success
  • Access to a significant amount of training both in-class and hands-on, in-field
  • Competitive advantages of getting ahead in the landscaping field
  • Continued internal support and access to colleague around your service territory, operating the same business as you
  • Benefits of networking with like-minded individuals who all operate under the nationally-branded Lawn Doctor franchise and who want to invest their career in the lawn care service franchise in order to build their own profitable business
  • Discounted pricing on lawn care equipment and supplies required to help you operate your lawn care franchise business
  • Opportunities to create a regular income and lifelong profitable business

In spite of continuing economic pressure in America, lawn care business franchising opportunities continue to expand.  If you are considering a franchise and believe the lawn care business or lawn care maintenance franchise opportunities might be a good fit, contact Lawn Doctor’s today at 1.866.LAWN DOC (1.866.529.6362) to get an overview of the lawn care service industry and Lawn Doctor’s franchising opportunities.