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How to Have a Top Lawn Care Franchise

So you are interested in joining a top lawn care franchise but don’t know where to start.  You’ve done your research on lawn care services franchise opportunities and are now beginning to evaluate how to create a manageable and profitable business.

Lawn Doctor is a top lawn care franchise that has a large network of lawn care services business.  Many Americans who were seeking the opportunity to be their own boss while being part of a larger, successful organization, joined Lawn Doctor due to its success rate and recognition as a strong national brand.

As a top lawn care franchise, the Lawn Doctor franchise team evaluates each prospective franchisee to determine if the applicant meets the mandatory criteria necessary to operate a lawn care business.  By working with you, Lawn Doctor will determine if the lawn care services franchise opportunity is a good fit for you.  Before purchasing a lawn care business for sale with Lawn Doctor, we will mutually determine if this is a long-term decision you can commit to and feel passionate about.  Our assessment will ensure that your decision to invest in top lawn care franchise opportunity will enable you to reach your goals and dreams, while managing a profitable lawn care business with growth potential. By being a strong representative of the Lawn Doctor lawn care and maintenance service business, you will receive a very high chance at success while creating a business that has lasting value in a recession-proof industry.

To become and have a top lawn care franchise, Lawn Doctor will ensure that you will:

  • Receive full support from Lawn Doctor Inc. and Lawn Doctor franchisee’s business network
  • Benefit from the hand-in-hand support Lawn Doctor provides to each franchisor, regardless of the territory assigned
  • Have all of the required tools and access needed to provide professional lawn and landscaping services and operate as a top lawn care franchise professional
  • Align your lawn care business with a strong national brand
  • Have a strong competitive advantage, as Lawn Doctor’s has a major presence in over 40 states nationwide
  • Receive on-going and lawn care and lawn maintenance education and seminars
  • Access to experienced Lawn Doctor personnel who will also help your franchise succeed

To ensure you have a top lawn care franchise, Lawn Doctor’s franchise developers will have several discussions with each prospective lawn service franchisor prior to any signed agreements.  Once you have become committed to starting a lawn service franchise with Lawn Doctor, you will gain access to a shared network and discover beneficial aspects of the Lawn Doctor franchise system.  After starting a lawn service franchise, you will be able to network and speak to current Lawn Doctor franchisors who will provide you with guidance and advice on how to operate a successful lawn service business franchise.

Many North Americans are too busy to devote a lot of time to maintaining their lawns and gardens. As the population ages, work-life balance becomes minimal and commutes get longer.  Homeowners will continue to depend on Lawn Doctor as the expert in lawn maintenance, lawn care services and landscaping.

By taking advantage of these market trends, along with top lawn care industry leading systems and strong national brand awareness, you as a franchise owner of Lawn Doctor will be able to capitalize on this opportunity. The time is right to become a franchise partner with Lawn Doctor and leap into the $80. Billion landscaping services industry. (source: the Global Industry Analysis Report).  By partnering with Lawn Doctor’s successful landscape and lawn care business franchise, your franchise business will grow even faster, enabling you to have a top lawn care franchise and by building on this tremendous opportunity.

The time is now, to register and join this recession-proof industry. If you are interested in top lawn care franchise opportunities, and are interested in top lawn care franchises, contact Lawn Doctor at 1.866.LAWN DOC (1.866.529.6362).