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How to Build a Business in the Yard Care Services Franchise

Lawn care and yard care is part of a rapidly growing green industryMany Americans are considering a career in a yard care franchise and lawn care franchise but do not really understand if the green industry is the right career path for them.

Before investing in a lawn care franchise or yard care franchise, Lawn Doctor’s ensures all franchisee prospects answer these fundamental questions:

  1. Is franchising right for you?
  2. Is the lawn care maintenance franchise or yard care services franchise right for you?

Once you have decided that a lawn care franchise or yard care services business franchise is your best option and is the best industry fit for you, based on your investment, you can then determine the appropriate Lawn Doctor franchise package that best suits you.

In order to build a successful business in the yard care services, Lawn Doctor will ensure that you have decided on the right franchise, as you, the franchisee, will purchase a Lawn Doctor yard care service license and the right to operate your own business using the Lawn Doctor brand.  After signing a license, as a franchisee, you will agree to use Lawn Doctor’s proven business model to manage your yard care business – a key to building a successful yard care services franchise.

To build a business in yard care services franchise, Lawn Doctor ensures that all yard care services franchisees have the following:

  • Are the best fit and have the right level of motivation to join the green industry
  • A national brand
  • A customer focused yard care services franchise
  • A substantial investment in training and resource
  • A dependable infrastructure to provide consistent customer support regardless of service territory in America
  • A diversified team of management and staff who are constantly focused on delivering great customer service.
  • Access to a nationwide service customers can depend on
  • A work/life balance, lifestyle and commitment to customer service
  • Financial investments and returns in line with franchisor/franchisee agreement

To ensure your yard care business franchise is up to speed and making profit, Lawn Doctor’s yard care franchise opportunities will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A trialed, tested and proven business model
  • A robust and integrated franchise system, developed and constantly updated
  • ongoing Lawn Doctor quality training and support
  • A team of Lawn Doctor colleagues, operating the same yard care service business as yours – these same colleagues will share their trials and successes
  • Lawn care maintenance and yard care maintenance equipment to help you to run your new business
  • The opportunity to create a regular income, but also a once in a life time opportunity to build a reputable business asset


Consumers across American continue to seek better value for their money and reassurance in the Lawn Doctor quality franchise brand.  This growing trends translates to continued confidence in the green franchise industry and yard care services franchise. Today, four out of five franchisees believe they have a competitive advantage over small business…this is particular try of customer facing franchises, including yard care services franchises.

Despite continuing economic pressure, yard care service franchising continues to expand. To build a business in the yard care services franchise, Lawn Doctor’s provides all franchisees a business model and sales strategy that is aimed at getting potential customers, or current customers to continue to express an interest in having their lawns treated on a regular basis. This interest is followed up free yard care service consultation and a proposal as to how it could initially be improved and then maintained on a regular basis.

To build a successful business in the yard care services franchise, as a Lawn Doctor, lawn care and yard service expert, you will provides regular visits to customers in your territory base. During these visits an extensive range of yard care treatments can be applied to the lawns to improve their appearance and health. To learn more about Lawn Doctor’s yard care service franchise opportunities contact Lawn Doctor at 1.866.LAWN DOC (1.866.529.6362).