Image of 3 Ways our Lawn Care Franchise Stands out

3 Ways our Lawn Care Franchise Stands out

There are many businesses that provide lawn care services, but it doesn’t take long before people realize that Lawn Doctor is not like the rest. What makes us different? We’re all about quality – people, products and results. Since the company was founded in 1967, we have implemented a business plan that brings advanced technology and superior service to the general public. The outcome? Over 500 franchise locations and more than 200 local experts spanning 40 states!

Now that sounds like a team you want to join. With flexibility and freedom most franchise opportunities can’t offer, becoming a Strategic Partner has lots of perks. In fact, here are three benefits that continue to help Lawn Doctor lead the way in lawn care:

  1. Locally owned and operated

There’s no getting around it – location matters. All of ours are owned and operated by locals. We believe it’s helpful for a Strategic Partner to be familiar with the community, landscape and climate conditions of the area in which they are running their business. Don’t worry though, you’ll always have an abundance of resources and our experienced staff to help whenever necessary. As Lawn Doctor continues to expand across North America, we provide each Strategic Partner with a protected territory, allowing for maximum market penetration.

  1. Made in the USA

One of the major differentiators between Lawn Doctor and other lawn care businesses is the fact that we manufacture our own proprietary application equipment right here in the United States. So we are contributing to the American economy while simultaneously allowing our Strategic Partners to administer lawn care products in the best, most efficient way possible.

Our Turf Tamer® line of equipment is a perfect example of Lawn Doctor’s unique service capabilities. This innovative technology ensures that no matter how fast the operator moves, the right amount of product is delivered at the right rate – every single time. This leads to more than just aesthetically pleasing lawns. It means that in addition to satisfied customers, our Strategic Partners can experience a decrease in expenses with an increase in productivity and profitability.

  1. Support from day one

Ask any of our Strategic Partners and they’ll tell you that Lawn Doctor is more than a franchise – it’s a family. As cliché as it might sound, it’s the truth. We are equally invested in our people and our business. So don’t be surprised when we provide comprehensive training, marketing and technology. Our support system is designed for success.

Starting with a two-week classroom and hands-on program at our national headquarters, topics from sales and services to agronomy and administrations, and everything in between, will be covered. That’s just the beginning. Two-year field training will also be offered, along with other resources and tools for ongoing assistance. We’re talking about consultations, conferences, webinars and more. For every question that arises, Lawn Doctor has an answer.

Not all lawn care franchises are created equal. Find out what keeps Lawn Doctor leading the pack. Call 1.800.989.1903 today.