Image of 3 Reasons The Lawn Doctor Franchise Keeps Growing

3 Reasons The Lawn Doctor Franchise Keeps Growing

With over 500 locations across the United States, Lawn Doctor has worked to create lawn treatment business ideas that have led to an impressive brand footprint within the lawn care industry – and our franchise isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The plan is to continue adding even more locations in expansion markets and available territories nationwide, which is great news for anyone looking to get into the lawn treatment business and become a Strategic Partner.


Happy customers and positive business results don’t happen on their own. Lawn Doctor’s history is filled with examples of making the most of opportunities and strong work ethic. Since the company was founded in 1967, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort in order to offer advanced technology and superior service to the general public. Here are three reasons Lawn Doctor is able to keep growing:


Expertise and Experience

With a team of 200 local experts spanning 40 states, including an ergonomist with 30 years of experience, our lawn care professionals take pride in the knowledge and techniques we bring to the industry. After taking care of lawns for nearly 50 years, we know what products and techniques work best. Lawn Doctor is equipped to handle all types of climates and landscapes. From extreme summer heat to subzero winter temperatures and everything in between, we’ve got our customers covered.


Established Brand and Reputation

Lawn Doctor is a trusted name in the lawn care industry. We have a track record for getting the job done right. Offering a customer satisfaction guarantee, our company emphasizes the importance of providing quality service. From the initial call to resolving issues to following up, Lawn Doctor is continuously looking for ways to improve the customer experience. By taking the initiative to raise lawn care service standards Lawn Doctor has reaped the benefits of having an 80 percent customer retention rate –that’s the highest in the industry.


Great Value Proposition

Lawn Doctor also generates growth by providing an excellent value proposition for our Strategic Partners. For individuals who have business ownership aspirations, becoming a Lawn Doctor Strategic Partner is a great option for the following reasons:

  • No retail location required makes for an easy startup
  • Strategic Partners may be financed up to 60 percent
  • An established, simple and scalable business model


Lawn Doctor also gives Strategic Partners access to innovative technology and equipment that make running the business easier while increasing efficiency and profitability. Our proprietary equipment is our secret sauce. In the lawn care industry it’s about more than what products you use, but how you use them. Our equipment allows us to get better, more consistent results and that makes our customers, and Strategic Partners, very happy.


This is your chance to make your dreams of business ownership a reality. Take the next step toward becoming your own boss and call 1.800.989.1903 today.