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Are Weeds Killing Your Business? Why You Need Weed Control

Whether you own a small, local business or a multi-national corporation, you want to make sure that you present the best image of your company possible. You likely have a storefront for your company, and on that storefront it is possible that you have a lawn, or at the very least some planters with flowers out front. Even better, you might have some empty space that you have been wondering how to fill to best optimize your business’ potential earnings.

Having a storefront with a cared for lawn is a great strategy to make your company seem more lively and at one with nature. Having a maintained lawn for your company store gives your customers the sense that you care about the details, looking professional, and that you are willing to take steps to put forth the best possible perception of your company.

Think of lawn care for your company as being like wearing a finely tailored, freshly pressed suit to a business meeting. It is the first impression that clients or other business women and men get of you, and will inform the rest of your interactions. A well cared for store front can do the very same thing for your company in the perception of customers who come to your store.

A study conducted by Money Magazine found that a well-landscaped residential property can raise the value of the property by up to 12.4%. Though the study was done concerning solely residential properties, it can easily be extrapolated to include commercial properties as well. The figure is based upon the general perception of the worth of the property, and what lies inside it. The house inside, like your business, remains unchanged, but perception of its worth increases because of the cared for lawn out front.

All of these efforts to make your company look fantastic and well cared for can be easily derailed, however, without the necessary upkeep required of your lawn. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture found that a property that was poorly landscaped could decrease in value by up to 10%. To extend the suit metaphor, having a landscaped commercial property that then falls victim to a weed infestation is like wearing a nicely tailored suit that has not been dry cleaned or pressed, and is stained and wrinkled. It does not project the best image, and shows that the potential for professionalism is there, but it is not being adequately maintained.

To continue to put forth a well-maintained and professional image of your company, the initial investment in a landscaped store front is not enough. Weeds can undermine your business, and lead to that decreased 10% in the perception of your business’ property value. Part of running a successful business is putting forth the image that it is valuable, an image that is undone by weeds on your lawn.

For these reasons and many more, when you decide to open a lawn care franchise, marketing weed control to businesses should be a top priority. There are many businesses that require lawn care on their commercial properties, so there is a large market for you to launch your weed control business into.

A Lawn Doctor franchise includes proven weed control methods and tools that you can use to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses. You can help yourself by gaining their regular business, and you can help businesses by increasing their value, and heightening their perception in the public eye.

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