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Lawn Doctor is continually striving to simplify and streamline operations to maximize productivity and efficiency using our proven systems so franchisees can concentrate on growing their business.

Lawn Doctor provides the tools and processes to manage your business, train your employees and create beautiful lawns and happy customers.

Operating Plan Development, Implementation and Monitoring

Our Regional Business Consultants work with you to develop your operating plan prior to opening and provide ongoing field support to help you achieve your goals. Your Regional Business Consultant knows your local area and will advise you on exactly how to utilize the best practices for your market to grow and manage your business. Your operating plan will focus on the key areas of sales, marketing, personnel, equipment and financial Management. Once implemented we will help you use Service Assistant Software, QuickBooks and our online Dashboard to monitor the results of your plan, track variances, and make adjustments as needed.

Service Assistant Software Tools

Lawn Doctor franchisees manage their business using the Service Assistant suite of software tools from Real Green Systems. This industry-leading software package manages all of the data associated with your business, is a powerful marketing tool, schedules and routes daily production, invoices customers, and manages your receivables. In addition, Service Assistant links with Lawn Doctor’s Customer Assistant Website to allow customers access to manage their account online 24/7 including paying for service, adding additional services, obtaining answers to common questions and communicating with their local franchise.

Vehicle Configuration and Systems

Lawn Doctor’s Service Vehicles are outfitted specifically for our proprietary equipment and servicing procedures so you can maximize productivity from each vehicle, which will result in more revenue generated from each service vehicle you operate.

Our service vehicles are equipped to carry enough water and granular material to service all day without the need to interrupt production to restock material.

Proprietary Application Equipment

Our Turf Tamer® line of application equipment delivers the right product in the right proportion every time, no matter how fast the operator moves, which means our customers get the results they want, and our franchisees increase productivity and profitability by reducing labor expenses.


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