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Customer Service

We’re committed to providing exceptional service to our customers.  That’s why we lead the industry in customer satisfaction, at a rate of 80%.

what does this mean to our franchisees?

Unlike with many other franchise systems in our industry, Lawn Doctor franchisees don’t have to put so much focus on the season-to-season race to replace constant customer loss.  Because we help them achieve a high customer retention rate, they can focus on gaining new customers, growing their business and planning for the future with a more dependable income stream. And because customers are happy with their Lawn Doctor lawn and landscape, they gladly provide referrals that also lead to new business.

what do our franchisees get to keep customers satisfied?

  • They get training, before they open, in the techniques that make for good customer relationships.  Strong customer relationships are the foundation for growth in the lawn care industry, and we ensure that our franchisees are the best at forging them.
  • They receive customer management tools that make keeping up with their growing customer bases easy, so they never have to worry about missing a thing.
  • They receive ongoing training and tips on how to provide the best customer experience.


They have access to the best equipment and are backed by a 45 year proven system ensuring that Lawn Doctor – local experts provide the best possible service, every time.


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